Heather and her team at All Set have earned their spot as our go-to event planners! They consider every detail, offer a thoughtful touch, and can manage VIP clientele's needs with ease. Heather's taste is impeccable whether planning a casual cocktail mixer or an elegant seated dinner party. All Set is incredibly responsive, wildly creative, and always go the extra mile to ensure our events are fun, memorable, and seamless. I can't rave enough about Heather and the team at All Set!  Jessica, Executive Assistant

Social Event  |  Political Fundraiser


Social Event  |  Backyard Bash

I was quite overwhelmed at first when thinking about planning a huge party at our home so I reached out to a few party planners. I was so happy I picked Heather and All Set. Heather helped my husband and I plan a party in our backyard to celebrate our recent wedding. Heather and her entire team were the best! Over the top crafty and creative, her ideas really made the party spectacular. She thought of everything and made the planning process fun. She had great relationships with all of her vendors, which was really important to me when I chose a planner. The party could not have looked more beautiful or gone more smoothly. I highly recommend using Heather and All Set for your special event. Top notch, professional, and creative.    
Natalie, Hostess


Corporate Event  |  World Cup Themed Party

Our team at The Event Studio has been working with Heather since 2013. Her creativity and vision are unparalleled. She brings the best ideas to the table and knows how to implement them. We can always trust her to interact with our clients, our team and our vendors with the utmost professionalism. Heather really knows how to tap into just what an event needs to create that wow factor — and she knows how to get it done inside time constraints and within budget. We love working with her! Elizabeth, Partner at The Event Studio


Wedding  |  Angie & Bryan

From the very first phone call, Heather made my life easier. Planning a wedding was very stressful for me, and she made the process fun again! All Set was one of the preferred vendors for our venue, and it is clear why. She is so organized in everything she does. I have NO idea how anything would have even gotten done if it wasn't for her. She always has a smile on her face, and I feel like any time that something went wrong her immediate response was, "We will fix this." She really took the reigns and let me be as involved as I wanted, or didn't want to be. 

Heather was so much more than just a planner, I felt like she was my advocate as well. I felt like she really fought for what I wanted and made sure things happened for me. When serious things happened, she was open and truly listened to me. She also supported some tough decisions that I had to make during the wedding planning process. 

Heather is also SO MUCH FUN!!!! I could have literally talked for hours with her. She is pleasant, courteous, and made our wedding day really special. She also knows all of the best vendors, and really knows how to put together a show stopping event. 

I really can't express how much Heather did to make our wedding as amazing as it was! It was definitely the best decision we made to work with her team. They did such a great job that I wish I could do it again!  Angie & Bryan, Bride & Groom


Non-Profit Event  |  Arts in Action Auction

Heather and her team are fantastic!  Heather's decor suggestions were so creative and unique. Her attention to detail is exceptional.  She was especially sensitive to our budget.  Being a nonprofit, fund raising event, we have to watch every penny, and she kept us under budget and the evening was a huge success.  She provided day-of assistance and took a huge load off of our committee.  Denise, Arts in Action


Social Event  |  Baby Shower

Heather recently organized a baby shower for me and it was simply amazing.  The event was in San Francisco and I am in Hawaii.  I told her I did not want to do anything but walk into a spectacular event and that is exactly what happened.  Incredible.  I could not be happier!  Heather and her team are lovely, organized, elegant, inventive, talented and sweet.  Everyone at the event - from the guests to the hotel staff were impressed with the detail and the care given to the event.  

With just a few calls, she captured the theme and the intent and developed a party which was a good balance between what I wanted and what was pleasing to the mom-to-be.  I am actually considering having her do more events for me here in Hawaii because she is simply the best I have ever worked with. Alyssa, Hostess


Wedding  |  Kristin & Mike

Heather is a person I aspire to be professionally and as a person.  She takes such pride in All Set and every aspect of event planning which can really be seen in the way she plans every last detail and checks them multiple times (including details that didn’t even cross my mind!). She was so generous with her time to make sure she heard what I wanted and that she could execute the way I wanted.  

Everyone at the wedding was asking who she was because they were so impressed with the way she was orchestrating the event. She went above and beyond to ensure my day was perfect.

I would absolutely work with Heather and All Set again AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER FOR ANY EVENT.  You’ll be glad you selected Heather. Kristin & Mike, Bride & Groom


Social Event  |  Birthday Party 

All Set is Exceptional!  Heather created a MAGICAL celebration for us and collaborating with her was a pure joy.  Heather is creative, fun, highly organized, a master at managing the details and a pro at leveraging her resources and outside vendors.  She made us feel like her most important client.  Heather is simply the best! Shari, Hostess


Wedding  |  Shayla & Andrew

Heather Ferrai and the All Set team provided month-of coordination for my June wedding in Carmel Valley and delivered the most spectacular service. 

Heather was able to take the jumble of ideas, papers, inspiration, and boxes of decor that we had been accumulating and pull them all together into a cohesive day that perfectly reflected my vision.  The master agenda that Heather created was one of the most detailed documents I have ever seen.  Knowing that she understood each of the many working parts that I had been thinking about and creating for months and months, was so reassuring. 

When the day of the wedding came, the unthinkable happened -- I truly did not worry about a single detail.  Not once did a thought pop into my head like, "I wonder if the cake got delivered" or "I hope everything went okay with the table set up."  If you knew me, you'd realize what an absurd feat this is.  That, more than anything, is testament to the confidence that Heather had instilled in me: the ultimate worrier. 

Indeed, my confidence was well-placed.  The wedding could not have been more perfect.  Everything that we had planned and described to Heather and her team was executed perfectly, with extra touches from her incredible, creative brain.  She took everything we'd planned and bumped it up to the next level.  Shayla & Andrew, Bride & Groom


Social Event  |  50th Birthday Party  

I am still basking in the glow of my 50th birthday party because of Heather's efforts. She converted a simple venue in a warm, inviting, spectacular space. She was organized and required very little input from me to plan the details. Importantly, she was very focused on my budget and came in under budget. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again. It was a delightful experience.     Anne, Hostess


Wedding  | Jackie & Preston

If you want to have an event that everyone will still be raving about months afterwards then you need to hire Heather Ferrai and her All Set team.

Our daughter's wedding was this past July, and hiring Heather was the best decision we made!  As far as being a highly successful executive, she is also fun loving and a joy to work with.  She has great taste, her attention to detail is incredible - nothing and I mean NOTHING - is left out! During our initial meeting I was pretty impressed by the "binder" she showed me that she said she would give to us if we hired her for "day of wedding planner".  I was sure this intense spread sheet was for much bigger weddings..... but when we got down to our final meeting and out came the detailed schedules for each person involved .... from makeup artists to bridal party to band personnel arrival times..... I was totally impressed.  

Her ideas are amazing and she executes everything she does flawlessly.  We had many phone calls and meetings during our "month of planning" period and I never realized that she was under tons of "other" deadlines coordinating many other summer weddings.  She is so professional, ours seemed to be the only event she was working on.  

On the day of the wedding Heather and her adorable team arrive and it is like a behind the scene stage play unfolding.  Our guests marveled at how fantastic they were - orchestrating the entire evening at the pace my daughter wanted, all the while fortifying everyone with what they needed and keeping a watchful eye over everything.  To her credit the wedding coordinator at both the church and the venue both told me that they had never worked with anyone like her before.

I have to say:  I know weddings are so special and everyone has wonderful experiences and memories, but I credit much of this to our lucky meeting with Heather Ferrai!  Need I say more? Lynn, Mother of the Bride


Wedding  |  Alexandra & Dave

Heather is a rockstar! We were SO glad to have her on our team for our July 2016 wedding.  

Before finding Heather, we spoke with many wedding planners, but none seemed just right.  From the first emails, though, we knew we were on to something with Heather.  She is a clear and prompt communicator-- which is really important in a wedding planner.  Her responses to our questions, from the beginning, were confidence-inspiring and helpful.  She is sweet but simultaneously a bad ass.  

Although she was mostly our month-of-coordinator, we also worked with Heather on some design and logistical details in the year or so before our wedding.  She was always flexible and happy to find a way to work with us.  She gave us some spot-on design advice which resulted in the most BEAUTIFUL tabletops beyond my wildest dinner party fantasy dreams :) She also connected us with some great vendors. 

We got married at a logistically complicated, but incredible, venue-- in the middle of no where, no on site vendors, no chance to run to the store if you forget something... no phone service!!  Heather had worked at our venue in the past, and so made us feel completely taken care of.  Every detail she coordinated went off perfectly- no joke! Somehow there were zero logistical hiccups (that I knew of, at least)!! 

One more thing- my husband and I didn't have a typical vision for our wedding, and were nervous about finding someone who works in the wedding industry, but would get us and our ideas.  We totally didn't need to worry about that with Heather.  She listened and respected and incorporated what was important to us.   Alexandra & Dave, Bride & Groom