Morgan & Mike

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You want to hire Heather and All Set team. It will be the best decision you make about your big day, no doubt about it.  Bottom line: Heather is FABULOUS, easy to work with, and most importantly makes the process so fun and exciting!

My husband and I hired Heather as our full, start-to-finish wedding coordinator. Best. Decision. Ever.  From our first meeting with her, it was clear that her attention to detail mixed with her fun-loving and silly personality were going to be a perfect fit for us. Just the right blend of getting the job done and having fun while doing it.

Heather listened carefully to our likes and dislikes. For instance, I didn't want any flowers at the wedding and Heather didn't even bat an eyelash. She came up with amazing ideas and designed a beautiful wedding with us.While she let us, and helped us, think outside the box, Heather also provided a good amount of push-back when our ideas were getting off the rails or when she knew, in her professional opinion, there was a better way to go. And she was right.

Heather made us feel taken care of, looked out for, comfortable, happy, and prepared.  Everyone who interfaced with Heather and her team at our wedding was blown away by All Set's professionalism, kindness, and ability to anticipate issues and fix them before they even developed.

You're crazy if you want anyone else by your side and holding your hand each step of the way - Heather and her team are THE best. Thank you Heather! Morgan, Bride

Photographed by  Alison Yin

Photographed by Alison Yin