Mary & Jackie

Ever have one of those moments when you look back on a day and know that everything was exactly perfect? That's how we felt when Heather Ferrai and the team at All Set created our wonderful wedding; an extraordinary memory we now get to treasure for the rest of our lives.

We knew the right fit for us would be more than a wedding planner; we needed someone with experience in many instances of event planning. We had a company to run and needed someone we could trust to do a better job in creating our wedding than even we could imagine. We wanted someone who would understand our vision from an emotional perspective and help us interpret our ideas as a unique experience that made everyone of our guests feel like a VIP.

Heather and the All Set team nailed it! Besides the sheer joy we carried away with us, our guests left with exceptional memories-- "I felt like I was living inside an amazing love story all day long." "It was your wedding but we were treated like we were the most important people there." "Just when we thought we'd seen all the coolest possible things, something else amazing would happen." "That was the BEST wedding I have ever attended!" Mary & Jackie, Brides

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Photographed by  GoodEye Photography

Photographed by GoodEye Photography